Dr Kadijatu Ahene

Praises and Faith

Praise is faith expression. Men and women of praise are people of great faith.

Instead of complaining, come plain with praise, you shall doubtless return without a proof of His faithfulness.

Men of Praise, erase obstacles and raise Altars of Miracles. 

Your complaining and murmuring is erecting an altar of doubt that will give impetus to adverse outcomes.

Let the Altar of faith be built for the expressions of the miraculous in your life.

Men of Praise are senseless, because praise in the face of challenges or adversities is the most senseless thing to do from the view point of the sensual man. 

But it is the wisest thing to do, because it is the trigger to the miraculous.

In whatever form your praise can be, engage the gear of praise today, and take a ride on the highway of miraculous happenings.

Great Grace!!!

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