Dr Kadijatu Ahene

The decision to start your business required a LEAP…


Outside of your comfort zone,

Outside of the box,

Outside of the norm.

The reality is that the first leap was the easiest. Throughout the journey of running your business, you’ll be required to continuously leap to move forward.

Entrepreneurship will test you in all areas of your life to see how much you really want it… to see how hot the fire blazes inside of you… to see how much of yourself, your time and your resources you’re willing to invest… to see if you’re willing to recommit and continuously leap.

For me, those leaps sometimes can feel awkward, shaky, uncomfortable, draining but I push through because I truly believe that what I have to offer can make an impact on people, businesses, and ultimately the world.

Strategic Systems + Support = Sanity + Scalability + Sustainability

My mission is to hold your hand, guide you, and support you through the leaps to get you from where you are now to scaling your business in a way that you can realistically sustain by leveraging systems, automation, and people. 

What’s your next leap?

Praises and Faith

Praise is faith expression. Men and women of praise are people of great faith. Instead of complaining, come plain with praise, you shall doubtless return

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